Rest in Power

On November 10, 2019, my doctor passed away. The nurse practitioner I first saw just over three and a half years ago, anxious about starting testosterone, gone too soon. I lost a role model; his friends and family lost a beautiful soul so dear to them; the LGBTQ+ community of Cedar Park and surrounding cities […]


I (probably) don’t have anything profound to say today; I just wanted to post a quick update about why I’ve been kinda inconsistent lately. I’ve mentioned taking a social media break and classes, and those are definitely big things taking my time right now. But those aren’t exciting topics, really… I do have a few […]

We Call You TERF Because…

The hashtag #TheyCallMeTERF has been getting some attention on Twitter, along with the even more disappointing #CottonCeiling. These are both sad to see because they are both spreading transphobia and misinformation. Obviously, if no one talks about them they won’t get attention, and the TERF hashtag has been flooded with supportive messages affirming that transgender […]